So On & So 4th

So On & So 4th Promo:

Promo Video for 4Front's evening entertainment show So On & So 4th

Operation Bible

Operation Bible Promo:

4Front Theatre are excited to introduce 'Operation Bible' - an interactive, walk round experience for primary age children all about the life and miracles of...

Reckless Abandon

Reckless Abandon Trailer:

2016 marks the 60th Anniversary of Operation Auca, an initiative wherein 10 missionaries took the gospel to the previously unreached Waodani people, a murderous tribe in the Ecuadorian jungle. Their commitment to spreading the message and love of Christ, even in the face of death, is an inspiration to all. This is the story of Elisabeth Elliot and the Ecuadorian missionaries. This is a story of sacrifice, a story of love and a story of bravery but above all, it's the story of 10 individuals living lives of reckless abandon. 4Front Theatre are excited to present 'Reckless Abandon', a feature length stage adaptation of this incredible true story.

Reckless Abandon Teaser:

Here's a few clips from the show, so you can see us in action. Also there's a sneak peak at two of the songs from the CD we're producing of songs from the show

4Front In 4

4Front In 4: Easter

4Front in 4 is an exciting project wherein 4 actors will perform an entire story within a time limit of 4 minutes.

Below is our 4front in 4 easter sketch and we will be bringing you more throughout the year.

Feel free to share these videos on social media and use them in your churches or at bible studies etc. However if you would like to book a live performace or perform a 4front in 4

sketch yourself please email

All 4front in 4 sketches are copyright and are the property of 4front theatre