operation bible

I just wanted to let you know what a fantastic time my class had at Operation Bible yesterday. They were all really engaged as they met each character and heard the stories of Jesus. They continued to be enthused on our return to school too. Many thanks to you and your team who gave us such a wonderful experience.

Oak Hill CE Primary School

job and jingle

4FrontTheatre's show 'Job & Jingle' was a fantastic performance giving all-round, all-age entertainment with a clear Christian message. The team were highly professional, setting up their amazing props skilfully and using them in a variety of spaces. Great scripts, great performances, wonderful interaction with the kids and the response we received from all who saw the show gave it a massive thumbs-up! Thanks so much for making this the best Christmas ever!

Julie Turner, Dearne Churches Together


Reckless Abandon made a very deep impression on me. The powerful message was so ably backed up by the transparent sincerity of the acting, presented unforgettably with heart-warming appeal. Many lives must have been unmistakably touched for Christ.

Audience Member

so on and so fourth

So On and So 4th was fantastic – there really was something for all ages. It was great fun to look at ourselves and laugh at our funny ways as Christians (thinking of the denominations song), but also be reminded in so many ways of the Easter story – I thought the sketch about Mrs A, as well as Rob’s portrayal of Barabas were particularly powerful. Thanks so much for your enthusiasm, skill and passion for God – it is clearly visible in everything you do.

Minchinhampton Baptist Church

operation bible

It was a fantastic learning opportunity that the pupils gained a huge amount from and thoroughly enjoyed. The team from 4front Theatre did a great job and our children were fully engaged from start to finish.

Tirelbrook Primary School, Gloucs

so on and so fourth

So On & So 4th was superb. Funny, engaging for all ages, very well written and acted - and a good balance of humour, slapstick and thought provoking content around Easter & church. We will be inviting 4Front Theatre back.

Cirencester Baptist Church

fishermans tail schools

All of the children were so engaged and smiled throughout it. It was good for them to have the positive role models of males too. They were buzzing about it when they came back to the class and the way the Easter story was told as part of this play made it come to life.

St. Johns Primary, Kidderminster

so on and so 4th

We were delighted to have 4Front Theatre at Spring Harvest this year. The comedy show, So On & So 4th was hilarious with great banter, improvisation and sketches. It was witty and fast-paced leaving you constantly laughing whilst also interjected with moments of poignancy that raise it from being ‘just another comedy show’. I was partially impressed at the way in which the cast engaged with the crowd, adapting on the fly to give a wonderfully interactive vibe to the evening. The flexibility of the show made it ideal to fit into the specific timings of an event programme and cast had even chosen particularly relevant sketches to link with the overall event theme. It was my first time seeing 4Front perform in person and I am extremely impressed. This is a theatre company to watch and I will definitely be booking them for future events.

Luke Aylen, Spring Harvest

fishermans tail image

Emotional, inspiring, it brought out different aspects of the Easter story and presented it in a new way. The musicality was good, the singing was excellent and the songs were great; I loved how everyone played all of the instruments.

Daryl Williams, Riverside Church, Burton


‘Reckless Abandon’ - the true story of a courageous group of friends determined to make Jesus known to those who had never heard of him. This fascinating and engaging presentation brings their story to life with great authenticity and much energy. Our emotions are stirred, our imaginations ignited, and our souls inspired in a way that even great preaching would struggle to match. If you want to be inspired to mission, this is it!

Peter Read, Vice Principle RTC.

fishermans tail image

An excellent, fresh performance of a familiar story that takes us through a range of emotions but brings us face to face with the grace and compassion of Jesus and leaves its mark.

Rashell Beya, Broadway Baptist Church

fishermans tail schools

Our many thanks to everyone at 4Front Theatre for Fisherman’s Tail, everyone absolutely loved it! Thanks for a great RE experience with lots of fun and learning. It was really good to have the Bible stories linked together and brought to life.

St. Catherine’s, Kidderminster

chuck blaze

It was lots of fun, very funny, fast-paced, creative and very appealing to both children and adults alike. The character 'Rocky' was just fabulous. I also really liked the balance of most of the fun being for the kids, but there also being a few 'in jokes' for the parents. Many churches would do really well to host this production as the core of a fun Christmas outreach event, in my view. We loved it and our kids loved it. You guys did a great job. Thank you!

Nick Whittome, Birmingham City Church

fishermans tail image

I'd seen 4Front do their Christmas Production and thought it would be great to book them as part of our Easter Outreach. They didn't disappoint and were truly fantastic. Everyone enjoyed the production and it was great to see the gospel communicated in such a fun, engaging, and thought provoking way. It drew you in and led you to Jesus with laughter. Definitely ready to book them again for their next production!

Edd Cope, St. Mary’s, West Horsley

chuck blaze

The thing about 4Front is, it’s always fun, it’s always clever, interesting and very entertaining.

Andy Paterson, Malvern Hills Elim Church

fishermans tail image

Extremely challenging and moving performance. One moment laughing than in awe and inspired. Brilliantly communicated the death of Christ and the resurrection.

Steve Whittington, Jubilee Central, Hull


'Our year 3 and Year 4 children thoroughly enjoyed Operation Bible. From start to finish the event was incredibly well organised, from the initial contact with the organisers to being dropped off back at school at the end of the session.
I marvelled at the way that the children were involved in the “project” from the moment they entered the building. Right from the start they were totally absorbed in the activity and engaged with the first “cast” member who told them what their mission was.

The actors who took the roles of characters who knew Jesus were amazing! They told their stories about Jesus’ miracles in an engaging and entertaining way. We – children and adults alike, all could believe that they were actually there 2000 years ago. The children hung on to their every word and the interplay between cast and children was brilliant.
Our children gained so much from the experience, real learning took place and you truly brought the Bible alive.

L M de Vine, Head Teacher: Cookley Primary School.


'4Front are professional as they come, however this did not detract from their adaptability or their hilarity. They have given us three incredible performances, each different from the others. In all three they were everything we could have asked four. 4Front theatre are now our go to company for any performance needs, whether that be evangelism, discipleship or even just for fun.'

Harry Goodwin - Rugby Christian Fellowship.

operation bible
Operation Bible

'I would like to say that our class absolutely loved the experience! They were immediately engaged with the activities; I particularly enjoyed the idea of the 'time tunnel' that allowed the class to go back in time about 2000 years ago. While some of the miracles were new to the children, the actors helped make them come alive and involved the class, which is imperative for our children, who do suffer from the fidgeters! We were very impressed with the constant positive attitude from all involved and would definitely recommend the experience to others.

Birchen Coppice Primary school, Worcestershire

breaking bread
Breaking Bread

'Wow - Amazing - Brilliant - Inspiring - are just a few of the comments that people made following the performance of Breaking Bread in Kempsey during Holy Week. Many of those who attended were not 'regular' churchgoers and many were children with their families and I know that the performance had a profound effect on some of the audience. One 8 year old saying that he 'wanted to find out more about this Jesus bloke' the next day he went into town and bought a New Testament! Thank you guys for helping to make our Holy Week through your fresh and accessible portrayal of the Easter story'

Reverend Mark Badger, Rector: Kempsey & Severn Stoke with Croome D’Abitot

christmas show
Christmas, Toys and an Empty Manger

'Christmas, Toys and an Empty Manger' is one of the most captivating Christmas productions I have seen. Funny, Innovative and engaging, both with the audience and with the traditional nativity story. A clear presentation of the gospel too!! Incredible.'

Matt Town, Pastor at Lifehouse Elim Church, Worcester.

breaking bread
Breaking Bread

"We had a great time with 4 Front Theatre, they were very professional in everything leading up to, and putting on the production. Then, with the production itself, it was very well acted, engaging, funny, emotional, moving and very cleverly written, as it built, to a moment, at the finish, that had everybody on the edge of their seats! Also, it needs to be said that, as much as it was aimed at adults, it was appropriate for children, and their attention was held for the full hour, which is not easy to do!"

Dan - Pastor at The Source Church, Malvern.

the gsus story
The Gsus Story

'The Gsus Story is an innovative, entertaining and fresh way of experiencing the events surrounding that first Easter; with great original songs and brilliant performances this is a must see show! A great resource for churches seeking to share the Good News of Jesus in a relevant way'

Sarah Wittleston, Associate Pastor at Elim Church Kingstanding.

breaking bread
Breaking Bread

"Normally advertising is better than the real thing, but in the case of the production of 'Breaking Bread' the opposite was true. The performance greatly exceeded my expectations. Moving, funny, fast paced, very well acted - and it brought a few tears to my eyes. We'll be inviting 4Front back again."

Matt Frost, Senior Pastor at Cirencester Baptist Church

christmas story
Christmas, Toys and an Empty Manger

'The children really enjoyed the show. It was a lovely way to emphasise the importance and centrality of Jesus at Christmas. Thanks for a great show!'

Mrs.Surral, Headteacher of St. James' CE Primary School, Malvern.

breaking bread
Breaking Bread

'A full house attended 4Front Theatres Easter show 'Breaking Bread', great acting skills yet again, everyone enjoyed the Easter story told from a different point of view'

Garstang Free Methodist Church