We’d love to come and perform one of our latest shows - check out the productions page and tour dates page to see what’s currently available.


We really want to seek God throughout the entire process of creating, writing, directing and performing with 4Front. Consequently, we’d love you to pray for us - that we’ll continue to seek God and ensure that He is at the 4Front of our work.


We're excited to celebrate 4 years of 4Front this year, and we're looking for your help to keep us going! We need 40 fantastic people to give just £15 a month and help us move forward to the next stage of our adventure... for more info watch this video:

4 Years of 4Front:

We’re looking for people to support us financially, in one of two ways
- Either by becoming an honourary 4Frontier and donating as little as £5 a month (although of course you can give more than that!) This regular giving helps us plan future activities, and you can earn your very own 4Front travel mug!
- If you’re interested in giving a one-off donation to 4Front we would also massively appreciate anything you can give.

To do this, please click here: I’m Awesome!