S0 On & So 4th

so on and so 4th

So On & So 4th

'So On & So 4th' is our entertaining sketch show, perfect for outreach, conferences, festivals, or Church weekend's away! Compromised of sketches, improv, and audience interaction, 'So On & So 4th' is very flexible and can be tailored for your event (for example, if you have any specific themes).

The show takes on many different forms with new sketches and games constantly being added, so even if you’ve seen it once, it may be different the next time.

Usually running at 1 hour straight through (but could be 30 mins - interval - 30 mins) the cost is just £425 + travel at 35p per mile.

This production is available for booking all year round, so get in touch today: info@4front-theatre.com

You can watch the official trailer for the show Here:

So On & So 4th Promo


Promo Video for 4Front's evening entertainment show So On & So 4th