S0 On & So 4th

so on and so 4th

So On & So 4th

'So On & So 4th' is our entertaining sketch show, perfect for outreach, conferences, festivals, or Church weekend's away! Compromised of sketches, improv, and audience interaction, 'So On & So 4th' is very flexible and can be tailored for your event (for example, if you have any specific themes).

Usually running at 1 hour (but could be up to 40 mins - interval - 40 mins) the cost is just £395 + travel.

This production is available for booking all year round, so get in touch today for more info or to request a booking! info@4Front-theatre.com

Recently, you may have seen a version of this production at Spring Harvest Skegness 2018, BUSH conference, or Caravaners and Campers Christian Fellowship.

You can watch the official trailer for the show Here:

So On & So 4th Promo


Promo Video for 4Front's evening entertainment show So On & So 4th