S0 On & So 4th

so on and so 4th

So On & So 4th

This year we'll be touring an Easter special version of 'So On and So 4th'.

So On & So 4th is 4Front’s exciting sketch show filled with audience interaction and hands-on fun, alongside moments of poignancy. providing a live entertainment event like no other! This Easter 4Front are creating a bespoke, Easter themed production perfect for churches in the run up to Easter.

Touring *LAST DATES REMAINING - March 2018*
Sun 18th (eve), Fri 23rd (eve), Sat 24th, Sun 25th (morn), Sun 1st April (morn)

Who for?
'So On & So 4th' is 1 hour long, with a suggested age range of 8+. (There is nothing inappropriate, some of the show may just go over the heads of younger children).

How Much?
As usual, we are offering this production at the cost of travel expenses + donations. This can either be a donation from the Church or a combination of donations from the audience and the Church.

You can watch the official trailer for the show Here:

So On & So 4th Promo


Promo Video for 4Front's evening entertainment show So On & So 4th