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Operation Bible

This is an exciting collaborative project that encourages the church to work in partnership with one or more local schools.

Operation Bible is an interactive, walk around experience for Primary aged children. With live actors, hands-on activities and vivid storytelling, children will encounter different characters and witnesses to Jesus' life and miracles.

At the start of the session they will be given case files to fill out as they visit each character, allowing them to gradually piece together and bring to life the story of Jesus.

Our first 'Operation Bible' project, Operation Bible: Mission Missing Messiah, focuses on the fact that Jesus' body is missing from the tomb and the children need to find out where it's gone!

4Front Theatre transforms your church into Bible time Jerusalem and brings along 4-5 actors who depict characters from Jesus’ life.

How Long? Each session is 1 hour long and can accommodate a maximum of 45-50 children. Ideally this project is 5 days long (Monday – Friday) with 3 sessions per day. This means a church can invite numerous schools over the week to experience the Bible in an entirely new way! Shorter projects are available – please get in touch.

Who is it for? It is aimed at children ages 4-11 (Primary School)

When is it available? All year round – for specific availability please get in touch.

How much does it cost? Cost varies depending on how many days you take the project. Please email: info@4front-theatre.com

If you'd like more information about this project please email: info@4front-theatre.com

'I would like to say that our class absolutely loved the experience! They were immediately engaged with the activities; I particularly enjoyed the idea of the 'time tunnel' that allowed the class to go back in time about 2000 years ago. While some of the miracles were new to the children, the actors helped make them come alive and involved the class, which is imperative for our children, who do suffer from the fidgeters!
We were very impressed with the constant positive attitude from all involved and would definitely recommend the experience to others.'
- Birchen Coppice Primary school, Worcestershire

And even get a sneak peak preview of the show in action Here:

Operation Bible Promo


4Front Theatre are excited to introduce 'Operation Bible' - an interactive, walk round experience for primary age children all about the life and miracles of...

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