Outcast from society, unwanted and untouchable, those bearing the marks of leprosy are considered unclean. When even the clothes you wear are thought to be cursed by God, it's not long before you stop caring about your wardrobe. It's no surprise then that those in the city refer to the local lepers as "rags."

Aside from begging in the designated areas, rags live a simple existence, far away from anyone they might contaminate. Yet word on the street is there's a new face in town offering rags a new start...

UK wide tour!

Fri 16th March - Sun 1st April (Easter Sunday)
Sun 25th AM & PM & Sun 1st April PM Unavailable

Who for?
'Gladrags' is an hour long musical perfect as an evangelistic outreach tool for your local community! It has a suggested audience age of 8+.

How Much?
As usual, we are offering this production at the cost of travel expenses + donations. This can either be a donation from the Church or a combination of donations from the audience and the Church.
To give you an idea it costs us approx £450 to break even on a performance.

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