Beyond Bars

beyond bars

Beyond Bars
Easter 2019

2019. Karl is in prison and he needs to get out. It’s doing his head in and the only way he’s found to escape is by dreaming up unlikely schemes to break out. He’s angry and no-one seems to be able to calm him down - least of all the prison chaplain. Then, Si, a new cell mate arrives and everything changes because Si, knows some extraordinary stories that might just set Karl free -

51AD. Paul and Silas find themselves behind bars. The Phillipian community are outraged at these troublemakers that have come to the city. Their jailer doesn’t want any trouble - one earthquake later and he soon finds that true freedom has nothing to do with bars.

These two stories, one ancient and one modern intertwine in a new play about prejudice, hope and forgiveness and what it means to be released…

UK wide tour!

Fri 5th April - Thurs 25th April 2019

Who for?
'Beyond Bars' is an hour long evangelistic production.

For prisons this production is 1 hour long and can be performed alongside an hour long workshop.

For Churches, the production is a great evangelistic tool perfect for inviting people to. It has a suggested audience age of 8+. Please note it is not a children’s show.

How Much?
For Prisons we are offering this production and the workshop alongside free of charge.

For Churches, as usual with our Easter tours, we are offering this production at the cost of travel expenses + donations. This can either be a donation from the Church or a combination of donations from the audience (Collection) and the Church.
To give you an idea it costs us approx £450 to break even on a performance.