Beyond Bars

beyond bars

Beyond Bars
Available for Prisons & Churches

2019. Karl is in prison and he needs to get out. He’s angry and no-one seems to be able to calm him down - least of all the prison chaplain. Then, Si, a new cell mate arrives and everything changes because Si knows some extraordinary stories that might just set Karl free.

51AD. Paul and Silas find themselves behind bars. The Phillipian community are outraged at these troublemakers that have come to the city. Their jailer doesn’t want any trouble - one earthquake later and they soon find that true freedom has nothing to do with bars.

These two stories, one ancient and one modern intertwine in a new play about forgiveness, hope and what it means to be free…

Beyond Bars has a suggested audience age of 8+. Please note it is not a children’s show.

We’ve had 2 very successful tours of this show and we hope to tour this production again around Prisons and Churches in 2021. If you would be interested in hosting a performance please email us at:

In April 2019 we premiered this production around Churches and Prisons and it has been received incredibly well… here’s just some of the feedback:

'Theatre of the highest standard as ever, and a spirit filled and very powerful message of hope forgiveness and transformation, mixed with great humour music and rap. The standing ovation was thoroughly deserved' - Rev. Dave Bruce

'As I watched the performance I had an overwhelming sense of God's forgiveness on my life.’ - HMP inmate

‘I personally think it should be rolled out throughout the prison system’ - HMP inmate

'I didn't feel like I was in prison just for this morning’. - HMP inmate

‘Really good performance, very accurate to reality and has a positive impact on me and others who attended; really easy to follow and catchy’ - HMP inmate

'One of the best performances I have seen in prison and extremely powerful and thought provoking. It was also great to be involved in the workshop’.- HMP inmate

'Got your attention right from the start and kept attention to the end. The play is a great way to allow men to hear that they are forgiven and that our God is a great God and is there for them on all walks of life. The performance helped us to laugh, think and even cry with emotion. As I watched Carl I just kept relating him to loads of men/boys that I have come into contact with over the years'. - David Womersley (Prison Chaplain)