Back in Time For Christmas

Back in Time For Christmas

Back in Time For Christmas

Justin Time has finally completed his time machine and what better use for it than to go back 2000 years to the nativity. So he can not only see it for himself, but can give baby Jesus a Christmas present of his own too! Everything should run like clockwork - that’s if Justin's calculations are correct...

With songs, silliness and a whole lot of festive fun, join Justin on his adventure back in time for the very first Christmas!

Touring 24th Nov - 22nd Dec

This year the production costs £375 + travel expenses (at 35p per mile capped at £100).

We're also excited to be working in partnership with Churches to offer an evanglestic outreach into local primary schools, whereby, as well as a performance for the church, a church can also sponsor a show or 2 to be performed in their local primary school or at the church with the school visiting. If this is something you'd like to explore, we offer discounted prices as follows:

2 shows £625 + travel
3 shows £825 + travel
4 shows £1100 + travel

Please get in touch for further shows and discounted rates.