About us

4Front Theatre Company

4Front is a charity that aims to produce shows and performances that are entertaining and thought-provoking for people of all ages. Yet ultimately we exist to create theatre that puts faith at the 4Front.


As a theatre company we perform in all sorts of theatre venues across the UK including at festivals such as the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

One of our flagship theatrical productions is the inspiring true story of Elisabeth Elliot and the Operation Auca missionaries – Reckless Abandon’.

We have also received fantastic 4 and 5 star reviews for our actor-musician show, ‘Fisherman’s Tail: LIVE' which has enjoyed 2 successful runs at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


4Front Theatre aims to use performance to serve the local church; providing full length shows, sketches and workshops suitable for a variety of age groups, for example, our comedy sketch show ‘So On & So 4th’.

We encourage Churches to work in partnership with local primary schools by hosting one of our productions for the school, or by sponsoring a show to go into school. We find this has a lasting impact on the relationship between Church and school and can often be a catalyst for an ongoing relationship.


4Front Theatre have combined experience working in primary and secondary schools for a number of years as theatre practitioners; workshop leaders; teaching assistants and singing teachers.

We are passionate about our work with children and creating high quality resources. As well as annual pan-tivity performances at Christmas (panto / nativity), we regularly tour our musical Fisherman’s Tail’ about the life and miracles of Jesus. We’re pleased this was also accredited as a recommended resource for the Understanding Christianity RE syllabus for Primary schools.


4Front works alongside prisons, particularly through chaplaincy’s, to offer a performance and workshop engaging prisoners in themes of faith, freedom and forgiveness in our Beyond Bars project.

The team

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Rob Holman

Artistic Director

About Rob

Originally a Lancashire lad, Rob has always had a passion and flair for performance. After years of am dram and work with a couple of theatre companies, Rob enrolled at Regents Theological College as the part of the founding year of its Performing Arts and Theology course.

It was at Regents that Rob found his love of music, even writing and staging a feature length original musical while he was there. As such most 4Front shows have a bit of music in them, with Rob writing original music and lyrics.

After graduating from Regents, Rob joined Riding Lights Theatre Company as part of their Roughshod community theatre team, working in schools, churches, prisons and other community venues up and down the UK, seeing the ways in which theatre affects people of all ages and from all walks of life.

Rob holds a masters in theology, and likes to accumulate skills and hobbies, including music, magic and circus skills. Yet in his spare time loves a good board game.

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Nat Holman

Operations Director

About Nat

Originally from Yorkshire, Natalie has loved performing arts since a very young age and has worked professionally with a variety of theatre and television companies over the years. The eldest of 4 girls, she got plenty of practice at bossing people around from an early age!

It was during their undergraduate studies that Nat & Rob met and, in Nat’s third year, got married, started 4Front and she still managed to graduate with a First Class degree in Applied Theology and Performing Arts BA (Hons)! Nat is passionate about combining faith with theatre to tell incredible, inspiring and thought-provoking stories in a fun and accessible way.

You are more likely to catch Nat via email or phone rather than on stage these days, as she runs the administrative and operational side of 4Front. Wherever she is, one thing is for sure, she’ll always have a cup of tea in hand!

We have a fantastic team of trustees who are:
Oliver Ward, John Drew, Steve Ford-Thomson, Natalie Holman, Bethan Newman and Barry Mason.